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It takes only a few. Great news for those who missed out though, as we suddenly have not one, but two spaces available. She makes him worship her leather boots with his mouth while she examines the pathetic excuse for a whip he`s brought her, determining that it`s too flimsy to actually use. Spanking to get him back to his feminine mindset. The look of pain and humiliation written.

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Mistress spank otk. This is whipping at its most extreme! When she is done with him, alex simply pushes him off her lap and sends him off to be ridiculed by his frat brothers. She reaches between his legs and squeezes his nuts between her hands. Have tried, a little discipline might do the trick.


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Chloe would never be seen in public with. She really turns up the pain level with harder and harder spanking, while the frat boy helplessly whines, squirms and tries to get away.