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He was put at ease when he realized it was just donna dropping off a few records for harvey’s expansive vinyl collection. What are you doing, dad?” dean asked before being strapped in the high chair that sam had just been in. He began to spoon feed sam and of course the boy got his food all over his face. He let out a small whimper before squeaking out, “but daddy i just-” he was cut off by harvey’s exasperated voice. Answer another call you shouldn’t have?” she smirked and glanced at mike who was now fidgeting nervously, “oh and your suit jacket has a huge crease,” she pointed at his upper back, “right there. Wishing his daddy was there to clean him up, he had rushed to change his pants, forgetting to clean himself properly.

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Infantilism spank spanking spanks spanked. He was just glad dean was a small boy who could still fit into his chubby one year old’s diapers. When john was finished bathing dean, he lifted the boy out of the tub, dried him off with a towel before laying him back on the changing mat and diapering him once again. Dean, do you understand why i am punishing you this way?” john asked. Dean shook his head. But i already a-” dean’s protest was interrupted by a spoon-full of baby food being shoved in his mouth.

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It was soothing jazz, just what he needed. Check your inbox for exclusive savings and the latest scoop. Both of them sat in silence for a while, which calmed harvey’s nerves and made mike’s sobbing worse.