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Spermicide: effectiveness, side effects and risks


That stops and immobilizes sperm. You can get spermicide over-the-counter. However, they are convenient, inexpensive, and easy to use. (if you’re using latex condoms or a rubber diaphragm along with the spermicide, you may want to try switching to a polyurethane condom or a silicone diaphragm to make sure that sensitivity to latex isn’t the problem. Spermicidal films and bioadhesive jellies tend to be less messy than other products. To receive the latest updates on sexual health / stds. Spermicides don’t taste that great either, which can lessen the appeal of oral sex, although you can find more palatable, flavored versions at specialty stores.

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How spermicide stops sperm. When using a personal lubricant, it is necessary to also use a. If you’re using spermicide with a diaphragm or cervical cap, follow the instructions that come with your device and apply the appropriate amount of jelly or cream before inserting. However, other researchers were unable to verify these results in later experiments. Films and suppositories are sold in packets. (and possibly other stis). Above for more information. The lower, narrow end of the uterus at the top of the vagina.


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How do you use spermicide?

Spermicide condoms are an effective method of birth control and sti protection providing they are worn and used correctly. While using spermicides has some advantages, they are not the most effective way to prevent pregnancy. Subscribe to our newsletter to recieve:

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