How do clown fish have sex

Sex change in clownfish: molecular insights from transcriptome analysis


Meaning fish are born male but can later switch to female. Her primary area of interest being human memory and learning, she is also interested in the neuroscience of cognitive processes. It is also known to eat dead anemone tentacles, plankton, molluscs, crustacea and certain parasites that it finds on its host’s body. Counsel you few fascinating things or tips.

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How do clown fish have sex. A clownfish pair is different than two clownfish that have simply accepted one another’s presence in the aquarium, although this “acceptance phase” is usually a step toward a pair bond. However it may owe more to the unique movements of the fish which indicate to the anemone that they are not to be treated as food. In these groups, the status of an individual is determined by its size. These three genes were strongly up-regulated in males compared to females in our study, showing a strong negative correlation to the index of sex change.


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The main changes in expression related to sex change at the gonadal level started 24 days after the removal of the original female and were observed until the end of the experiment (day 50). A few recent studies have analyzed the transcriptome of non-model fish species to shed light on sex differentiation and sex-specific gene expression. ) principal component analyses performed on normalized rna-seq data of a selected set of 173 transcripts from the brain (left) and 768 transcripts from the gonad (right).

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