God can restore physical virginity

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If you are held hostage by the fear of failure, despair and depression, these steps will help you break free from the chains that hold you captive and win the victory against sin. James the great was the brother of the. In 451, at the. Because you are a maiden in your soul, i shall take you by the one hand in heaven, and my mother by the other, and so you shall dance in heaven with other holy maidens and virgins, for i may call you dearly bought and my own beloved darling.

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God can restore physical virginity. Old testament prophecy and jesus” life story. The next day, i got my period. The more teenagers read about the bible and its teachings, the wiser they will become when they face a purity decision. I knew i was risking it all as i struggled to get the words out.


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We may get our petition the next day, week, month or year. But because they trusted jesus to redeem them, the past had been transformed:

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