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I doubt a guy would admit he get spanked by his wife/gf in front of family memeber or his own friends or their friends. Peterson believes it is this changing public sentiment that cost him a night in jail. Story seems like a fantasy in some areas but overall great story. If someone had done that when i was growing up, nobody would have thought anything,” peterson said. About that was creepy and the rubbing of aloe on her ass too. You’re a special case, stan. Just wanted to share a thought with you.

Now dad feels pain in girls spanking - chicago tribuneFlorida dad calls cops to watch him spank daughter

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Dad daughter spank. I walk up to it and start opening different drawers and as i open the third drawer the door swings open and shows an angry looking father and mrs cunningham right behind him. Also, he treated my mother poorly. It is soooo sweet and reminds me of my daddy spanking me (though he often would use the belt) you are a really good writer!!! I love the unabashed acknowledgement of how much we dominant women enjoy punishing males, especially when they deserve or need it. I`m sure it works the same in all combinations for that type of fantasy. Our kinky little minds are very fertile!

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Im going to ask one more time who started the fight!?!?” each time he spanked it got harder *spank*. All i do is sit there not really sure if he really wants me to answer. Amazing pics and story.