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: each line is an individual followed longitudinally. Variation in serum total testosterone (expressed as ng/ml on left-axis and as nm on right-axis) over a 54-day observation period for 23 immune deficient intact adult male nude mice. Voltaire’s character procurante drawlingly urged candide to “swoon with pleasure if you wish or if you can at the trills of a eunuch quavering the majestic part of caesar and cato”. ] were obtained from an in-house colony at hopkins.

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Of mice and men-warning: intact versus castrated adult male mice as xenograft hosts are equivalent to hypogonadal versus abiraterone treated aging human males, respectivelyBeyond game of thrones: the surprising truth about modern eunuchsReal human male castration - superzooi


Castrated male naked. This criterion for determining hypogonadism in aging human males has recently been confirmed [. To test these assumptions, serum total testosterone (tt) and free testosterone (ft) were determined longitudinally in groups (n > 20) of intact versus castrated adult male nude, nog, and immune competent c57bl/6 mice. This is consistent with the clinical observation that if such human males are given exogenous t, which substantially increases the blood level of t and thus ft, there is no increase in the level of serum prostate-specific antigen (i. 3 nm/l, respectively, based upon reference values reported by ho et al.

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Human prostate cancers growing as xenografts in immune deficient male mice are a well-established preclinical model system. Immune deficient male mice bearing human prostate cancer xenografts are used to evaluate therapeutic response to novel androgen ablation approaches and the results compared to surgical castration based upon assumption that testosterone microenvironment in intact and castrated adult male mice mimics eugonadal and castrated aging adult human males. If this is true, then even though the serum tt is lower in intact adult male mice, the ft level might be equivalent to eugonadal aging adult human males when used as xenograft hosts for human prostate cancers.