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To everyone’s great shock, weaver dismissed more than a century of baseball superstition and bolted off the bench and down into the clubhouse bathroom with his knees pinched. I was a little embarrassed at first,” chastain says. To urination, elite male athletes fall victim to a kind of superman complex. Best way to do it,” he says, “pull the cup out, pull the junk down, look the other way.

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Best free pants peeing videos. Once they’re secure and the tape is initialed by a boxing commission official, they can’t come off. In 2012, angels pitcher jered weaver was just three outs from a no-hitter when faced with that familiar conundrum. It might even provide a scientific explanation for the red sox phenomenon known as “manny being manny. Jogged off the field at bank of america stadium against the giants, panthers fans cheered and high-fived him without knowing exactly where he was headed. Every single athlete has to deal with this in a different way, but one thing is the same: no one ever talks about it,” says jocelyne lamoureux-davidson of the u. On game day in hot climates? he’ll need another 128 ounces to replace the gallon or so of body weight he’ll sweat out in the trenches. Although the box failed to provide any actual cover, it did create an exquisite moment of brand marketing with the resulting viral photo, which captured kotwica fully exposed and in full stream just inches from the revered nfl shield.

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(he’s gotten the same look from manny pacquiao a few times in recent years. Or maybe you take a step or two back to test your flow’s strength.