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As a woman, i can attest to the fact that we see men as “toys” as well and my money is on the fact that as women gain increasing power and autonomy in our culture men will increasingly feel the pressure of being evaluated for their looks rather than their charm and money. In this photo, above, you can see how a lighter shade of blue really draws your eye in too. Sorry guys since i can’t be respected as a human being and for my intelligence, being someone with a high iq who just happens to be a lowly female, then i just have nothing to do with men. But the truth is, your big butt is gorgeous and totally worth showing off! here are ten top tips for choosing gorgeous clothes that will flatter your body shape and draw attention to all your most beautiful curves and edges. I would rather be alone in my golden years w/out a man, but would want to have some “golden friends” who i could relate to.

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Ass big shown. Shows that strengthening your glutes and hips will do a better job at saving your lower back than spinal exercises. I don’t get the fascination. As i mentioned i come from eu but dealing with usa clients i gain some insight in the both culture. I find it fun, playful, and something i have come to trust displaying and exploring with my partner.

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