Armor penetration arrow

Can arrows penetrate medieval armor?


They were focused on massed arrow fire. I am glad to see there are gamers and writers like me (and both in one person, too!) who wonder about making fantasy description as real as possible. If the average mongol warrior was as skilled as i read, even if most arrows were stopped by armor, there would be. Try walking with a small pebble inside your shoe.

Were there bows-arrows that can penetrate plate armour? - quora

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Armor penetration arrow. The question of whether an arrow could penetrate one inch or two inches is beside the reality that any knight is done as a battlefield threat when his armour has buckled under such a penetration. To make the tests as authentic as possible they examined the skeletal structure of the bodies of medieval bowmen excavated from the battle of towton and from those drowned on the mary rose. Such arrows were found to be able to penetrate plate armour at ranges up to 200 meters, enough to kill, or seriously wound the wearer. They used bows with 110, 140, and 150 pounds draw weights and a range of different late medieval arrowheads.

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This test uses a clay slab behind the armor to show how deeply the arrows would have penetrated human flesh. Benjamin rose is a writer of fantasy, a gamer who loves tabletop rpgs and minecraft, a fan of progressive and symphonic metal, and a historical fencing enthusiast. The traders were mostly venetian, but there were complaints from germany and other locations about their yew being logged out, so it was a widespread issue.