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Amateur radio emergency communication


After a massive earthquake struck the island nation of haiti on january 12, 2010, many individuals provided reliable local and international communications that included email, phone-patch and medical aid logistics. They are trained and prepared for any emergency communication call that can vary among many regional wicen groups depending on their local needs. An mou is not required of a local ares group to complete their mission. More than a thousand radio amateurs converged on the gulf coast in an effort to provide emergency communications assistance. Throughout history radio amateurs have made significant contributions to industry and their nations, and saved lives in times of emergency. Therefore, give the hams a communications problem and see what they come up with for a solution. Earthquakes are unusual in australia, but on december 28, 1989 the town of newcastle, new south wales, was rocked by an earthquake that killed 13 people and made over 15,000 homeless.

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Amateur emergency communications. Flooding caused by monsoon rains and overflowing dams has currently killed over 300 people and left over 300,000 evacuated to relief camps. Exactly when radio amateurs in australia first assisted the community or government authorities is still unknown. Hurricane ‘lane’ is affecting hawaii with heavy rainfall of nearly 1 meter forecast along with high tides caused by the storm surge. In addition, in some disasters, radio frequencies are not coordinated among relief officials and amateur radio operators step in to coordinate communication when radio towers and other elements in the communications infrastructure are damaged. However, we do know that a tropical cyclone in the cairns area of north queensland in february 1927 had cut all communications. Many radio amateurs are active as communications volunteers with local public safety organizations. In november 2012 south african radio amateurs were asked to provide a link between johannesburg and search teams looking for a missing aircraft in mozambique where normal communications were not available.

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Welcome to the international amateur radio union region 1 homepage. At the local level, hams may participate in local emergency organizations, or organize local “traffic nets” using vhf (very high frequencies) and uhf (ultra high frequencies). It was the ham radio operator community in many countries that helped to reunite families and assist in relief operations.