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Effect of kinesiotape applications on ball velocity and accuracy in amateur soccer and handball

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Subscapularis is difficult due to its anatomical site. This could prove to be an advantage in team sports, where it is important to achieve maximum ball velocity. We further hypothesized that players with higher kicking and throwing ball velocities already demonstrated a higher percentage of motor unit recruitment compared with low performing athletes. Are uploaded by real people just like you. ), being a relevant indicator for shooting and throwing velocity in soccer and handball. Since the subscapularis cannot be taped directly due to its anatomical location, an application to support internal rotation was applied according to.

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Amateur cm shots. Low performing athletes demonstrated significant gains in ball velocities after kt applications compared with non-significant gains in high performing athletes (. 8 a total sample size of n=26 would be required to detect a statistically significant difference. In addition to a potential increase in muscle tone, only few studies evaluated the potential impact of kt in sports specific performance. With a probability of 74% in soccer and 88% in handball, kt applications are likely to improve ball speed when shooting or throwing at maximum effort. Soccer players wore indoor shoes, as all tests were carried out indoor to prevent irregularities from the ground and wind.


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Be a part of zoig. Besides, the comfort of the kt arrangements on the skin was assessed by means of a questionnaire in order to examine a possible effect of positive or negative perceptions on shooting and throwing performance.